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Your average golfers trying to get better.


I love golf. Maybe a little too much. It seems like every idle thought meanders to the next time I'll have a golf club in my hand. My next round, my next buddies trip, my next opportunity to beat my best. As I got older and started a family, I found that I had less and less time to pour into improving my game, but the passion and desire to get better did not fade. I had to find a way to get better while practicing less. In 2014, Mark Broadie published Every Shot Counts detailing all he had learned from tracking every shot of the world's best players (and some amateurs) including his invention of the Strokes Gained statistic. I was hooked. My ticket to scratch. I started tracking every golf shot I hit. I built my own custom scorecard to do so. I wrote Perl scripts and uber nerd stuff to turn those scorecards into excel spreadsheets where I could plot performance and understand my strengths and weaknesses. Eventually I showed this to a buddy and he loved the idea, but hated tracking shots. We decided to start an app together that became PocketPAR. A few iterations and 7 years later, here I am with PAR Golf and now TANGENT. I have tracked well over 300 rounds, 3500 holes, and more than 15,000 individual shots. 


So did it work?

Yes! I went from a 5 handicap to a +2 handicap at my best. A 7 stroke improvement all while practicing less. How did I do it? I built intelligence and simple digestion of my rounds of golf to focus my practice and learn where I was making mistakes and losing strokes. Some of it was mental, much of it was strategy and course management. Very little of it was swing changes. I learned how to fine tune and play with the game I have. I am passionate about golf and game improvement. I want to help you play your best. Download the app. Track your shots. Join the platform and let's improve faster together.

Thats the power of TANGENT. 

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