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New Feature: Putting Percentages

I just released version 1.0.24 and in this version is a new statistic for putting performance. If you've watched any recent PG Tour telecast or read any books on putting, then you're probably already familiar with terms like 'one putt percentage' and '3 putt avoidance'.

Basically, from any given distance, say 30 feet, how likely are you to make the putt? A PGA Tour pro makes that putt approximately 7% of the time.

From the same distance, how likely are you to 3 putt? A PGA Tour pro 3 putts from 30 feet approximately 7% of the time as well...

This means effectively that a PGA Tour pro is more likely to 3 putt than 1 putt for anything over 30 Feet.

How good are you at avoiding 3 putts? Is your make rate as good as a tour pro? If you're tracking your shots using PAR Golf, now you can find out.

With a Perform or Perfect subscription, the new release includes analysis of make percentage and 3 putt avoidance across key putt distances so you can compare yourself to the pros and know what to work on.

To access, from the Home Screen of the PAR Golf app, hit 'improve', scroll down to putting and tap on the putting graphic to drill down into putting specific stats. Scroll down again and you'll find the 'Make Percentages' plot as below:

The blue bars represent how likely you are to 'make' a putt from a given distance. For example, in the above plot, I make 47% of my putts from 7-10 feet.

The red bar represents how often I three putt from a given distance. I three putt 20% of the time from greater than 30 feet. That can be improved.

The green bars represent how likely you are to 2 putt from a given distance. I 2 putt 83% of the time from 21-30 feet.

Knowing this, I need to work on lag putting and from 4-6 feet.

Let's get to work.

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